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Damascus displaced taste first Ramadan in makeshift camps

Features | 2018-05-22 05:07:48
Damascus displaced taste first Ramadan in makeshift camps
(Zaman Al Wasl)- After stranding in the displacement camps, the evacuees of southern suburbs of Damascus have welcome the holy month of Ramadan with a very tragic situation.

The newly refuge what has the holy month a heavy guest on the residents of the camp of Deir Al Balout near the FSA-held city of Afrin  and in the Shbiran camp in Al Bab city  as well as the accommodation center of “Iza’z”  and Sa’ad camp in Marrat Misrin in Idlib province. where about 5000 people have been resettled.
Um Ziad, who is a Palestinian refugee from al Yarmouk camp, was abounded after the military operations and shelling of the regime and its allies. She lived in “Yilda” then she had had to accompany her children in their displacement to the northern Syria. “I currently live in the camp of Dir Al Balout and its situation is really bad in terms of services, the camp’s administration only distributes the bread and only once they distributed canned food. Yesterday I saw them throw down crescent chests and water boxes in the warehouses.” She said. 

“The atmosphere is high inside the tent; you feel you are in an oven. My children have been out since this morning looking for a house. I do not feel like we are in Ramadan, the month which meant a lot to us. All I want today is that the family meets at one table and it’s not about how the meals and the services are available. Since we’re homesick and living a new state of suffering that we have not experienced in previous years.” She told Zaman Al Wasl.

In addition to that, Abu Bakr, who is a resident in the accommodation centre of Azaz, said that many of the families will fast this Ramadan under difficult circumstances. “We are the people of the capital that suffered a lot under the siege; however, the holy Ramadan has its own rites and holidays at those times, despite the lack of resources and food. Unfortunately, our displacement took place a few days before the holy month; people were not psychologically nor materially prepared to receive Ramadan. Since, most of the displaced people are tent’s residents. The service situation in the camps is very bad and self relying in daily necessities and preparing breakfast is very difficult and costly too, in addition to, the lack of money for many families”. Added Abu-Baker.

The “Afad” organization is the only that serves the Aleppo country side camps which located within the areas of the “Euphrates Shield”  and the “Olive Branch”, while the relief organization contribute  in serving the Idlib camps, which has positively affected the improvement of the living conditions in these camps. According to many displaced from the south of the capital: the situation in the Idlib camps is better than the Aleppo countryside camps where the organizations are active in Idlib and provide financial assistance and food relief to residents in the camps.

Abu Ali, who is a resident in “the camp of Saed” in Maarrat Misrin in the countryside of Idlib, considers the camp to be in a good situation. He pointed out that the problem is only in the increase of numbers, the water cut off in WCs and the delay of the water tanks to fill reservoirs.

He added in an interview with Zaman Al Wasl that “there are institutions distributing aid to a segment neither of those who are in the camp on the first day of Ramadan to rely on the Suhur and the breakfast meals, that are provided by the camps, because no possibility for preparing breakfast nor for family meeting at one table. This mainly because of two reasons: primarily is the tough material cost for the displaced person and secondly is that the camp’s management separates men and women whether in tents or in lunches”.

The holy month of Ramadan have its own atmosphere that the displaced southerners of the capital have been denied to this year whereas all their wishes is the family meet at the same table.
Zaman Al Wasl
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