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Cristiano Ronaldo's departure marks a sad day for Real Madrid

Sports | 2018-07-10 18:13:00
Cristiano Ronaldo's departure marks a sad day for Real Madrid
Yes. Real Madrid are above any player, even the biggest. What happened to Cristiano Ronaldo and his move to Juventus, would have happened sooner or later. It is the law of life. The player is fully amortized leaving behind a historical, almost unrepeatable, trajectory at Los Blancos.

The operation is good from an economic point of view, because Real Madrid will earn over 100 million euros, for a player who will turn 34 years old in February, and also save the money that they would spend for the three years of contract that he had left.

Both the president and the player have had enough concerning their relationship and it may be a good time to do so, in an era of brilliance after winning four of the last five Champions League trophies, almost as in the golden age of the 1950s. Soon, as the logic dictates, Cristiano will stop being a Cristiano and Real Madrid have anticipated his decline by agreeing on his sale.

Real Madrid have started dreaming big for Neymar.Yes, everything I mentioned about is true and yet, today is a sad day for Real Madrid. It is possible that Cristiano yearns for Real Madrid and miss in Turin the extraordinary company of teammates he has had at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. I am convinced that Real Madrid will cry seeing Cristiano in another team.

 They had a preview during last season of what it means to play without the legend. They lost LaLiga in the first round of matches.

 The fans and the directors had gotten used to their greatness so much that they never valued what they had never seen before. Real Madrid, however, starts the season with 50 goals less.

 Not only is it a devalued team without one of the two best players in the world. They lose the competitive spirit, the super professional attitude of Ronaldo, the intimidating factor of a player who decides matches by himself.He will no longer have the insatiable task that once again made Real Madrid the team that astonished the world by winning European Cups as if nothing had happened.

P.S. Real Madrid were more important than Alfredo Di Stefano, but when he left, after winning five consecutive European Cups, the team just one in the next 34 years.
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