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Torture lists must push for legal actions, detailed lists

DETAINEES | 2018-08-01 12:23:02
Torture lists must push for legal actions, detailed lists

  Zaman al-Wasl hopes that all material, documentation and information provided in the detainees reports would be used for the purposes of legal actions, proceedings, litigation, matters and international levels before courts, tribunals and human rights organisations.

 The list has been obtained in association with the Syrian Violations Documentation Center.

It includes names of 7953 victims of different ages, including 125 children and 63 females, who were killed by the Syrian intelligence services, either immediately after their arrest or after physical and psychological torture.

   The death date of each torture victim is documented between 2011 and 2018  

(307 victims in 2011 - 1,199 victims in 2012 - 2,120 victims in 2013 - 2276 victims in 2014 - 1413 victims in 2015 - 401 victims in 2016 - 146 victims in 2017 - 170 victims in 2018)

1- Damascus suburbs 1856
2. Daraa 1283
3. Homs 1253
4. Damascus 870
5. Hama 762
6. Idlib 585
7. Aleppo 473
8. Deir Ezzor 450
9. Latakia 154
10. Quneitra 110
11. Raqqa 50
12. Hasaka 44
13. Tartus 28 (mostly from Banyas city)
14. Swaida 23
10 victims of non-Syrian nationalities, 2 of them were not identified.

Zaman Al Wasl
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