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Syrian refugee says hard to find wife in Europe

Features | 2018-08-27 13:02:00
Syrian refugee says hard to find wife in Europe
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Contrary to the commonly held belief, that European women are to be found lying on the roadside, waiting for the arrival of the Syrian refugees, many young Syrian refugees living in Europe speak of the difficulty of finding a partner. 

Before coming to Europe, most of them were delusional, believing in fairy-tales about European young women offering themselves unconditionally, to the newly arrived refugees, hence, it is up to the refugee to only choose the most beautiful of them.

The shock was great for those who discovered that there were no such thing.

Hence, they have oriented their efforts to settle down and to get married, to their surprise it turned out that even the kind of young women, that could be a wife material, are not available.

“Ahmed”, who had come to Germany at the age of 26, and who is today approaching his thirty, couldn’t have imagined that finding a wife would be desperately difficult.

He confesses, that he had always dreamt of reaching Germany, of marrying a young beautiful German blond, and of the exciting kind of relationship that awaits for him, to experience with her. “Unfortunately, since the first few months, I realized how difficult was achieving this dream” He admits. 

On the one hand, the European woman does not get involved in any relationship unless she finds a common ground with the estimated partner, whereas, according to the young Syrian refugee, the language, therefore the difficulty of communication stood as an obstacle for him to be considered as the compatible partner for the German young women.

On the other hand, Ahmed believes that the greater shock and disappointment is to realize the difficulty of connecting to a Syrian young woman. As, most of the Syrian refugees’ families are either with children only, or, if they have adult daughters, they are either widowed or divorced with children.

He further adds that the old Syrian family’s customs of marriage, such as the prefixed conditions about the groom’s characters; chivalrous, polite and hard working young man, these simple down-to-earth conditions are relinquished by the Syrian family living in exile. 

The majority were asking for a expensive dowry for their daughters, and were establishing incapacitating conditions for the potential groom, that even escalated to a castrating kind of pressure.

Many young Syrians have become convinced that the engagement with a European young woman is very difficult, if not impossible, which it’s chance of occurrence does not exceed one in thousand. If it ever happens, the German bride is often, at least, ten years older than the young Syrian refugee.

Thus, “Firas”, a resident of France, a young man over 30 years old, who is still not married, admits that it is, indeed, difficult to find a Syrian future wife in Europe, arguing the reasons that have been already cited by Ahmed. He adds that the Syrian young women's rebellion against the old traditional marriage, made Syrian women acquire a certain reputation in the European Media, which tarnished their image, according to him.

Firas states that in some other European countries, such as France, there are Arab communities, of large numbers of the Maghreb’s people such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, that are considered an additional option for marriage, for the young Syrian refugee.

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