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Assad's Grand Mufti urges Europeans to lock up mosques

Local | 2018-09-11 10:21:00
Assad's Grand Mufti urges Europeans to lock up mosques
(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Grand Mufti of the Syria regime, Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, has warned the Europeans against the threat of mosques, calling them to besiege and close them, under the pretext of the Syrian experience with mosques, from which all the "problems" has erupted.

The recent statements by Hassoun were conveyed by a member of the extremist Swedish Right-wing party “Alternative for Sweden”, who has recently paid a visit to the regime’s leading figures -among a group of a Swedish delegation- to meet with some of its officials, to take "commemorative photographs" with them, and to take other photographs of the country’s wreck topped with the pictures of Assad.

Zaman al-Wasl has checked the Facebook account of the Alternative for Sweden Party member , Michael Janson, who was among the delegation and who took a photograph with Hassoun, to find out his Facebook post, in which he praised the "what he called the gentleness and understanding of" Hassoun " also praised the “clarity of the Mufti " concerning the issue of the mosques in Europe, especially those funded by both Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Hassoun insisted on the fact that the mosques funded by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are the Root of all Evil in relation to what happened in Syria. Therefore, according to him, the Europeans should beware of these mosques and their leaders, and he suggested the besiege and the close down of these mosques, otherwise the Europeans will face the same fate, the Syrians has faced.

 The Swedish right, as the rest of the European Right, build their ideological discourse on the hate speech, the anti-Islam discourse and constant intimidation of the public of Europe's "Islamization" by “Beards” who are the Islamic clergyman. But it seems that the Grand Mufti’s beard differs from the other beard.

In any case, this is not the main contradiction about the visit. A more serious one, has been  ignored by the delegation of the Alternative Party, is the overt and explicit threats of Hassoun, of the fall of the year 2011, which were documented audio-visually, in crowd of people gathered within the so-called "Caravan of Mary"(Can see attached section). Then Hassoun openly threatened the Europeans with suicide bombers -whom he calls “Istishadieen”- from Syria and Lebanon to blow themselves up all over Europe.

Hassoun, who then, was sitting on his right “Hilal Hilal” the highest Party’s official and civilian after Bashar (At the time he was the secretary of Aleppo branch of the Baath Party), went on to say: "We will prepare suicide bombers, from the ones who are living now among you. From today on, it is going to be an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, and you were the ones who have started this ". He concluded by saying in this regard: "Do not approach our country. If you want to set fire to our land, Allah will burn your land with fire.

Now, going back to the delegation of the Swedish "Alternative Party", and the members’ visit to Damascus, ahead of the recent Swedish elections, whose results showed that far-right parties had won more votes, which has resulted in the increase of the right's chairs in the parliament, although this "increase" was less than the Swedish right's overall plans and expectations.

The "Swedish Alternative" party, which is a similar one to, of the German Alternative Party’s name and aggressive views, was keen to "diversify" the activities of their visit to the regime’s apparatus. They also met with the "Speaker of the People's Assembly" Hamouda Al-Sabbagh and his deputy "Najdat Anzour" famous for his obvious praise for the regime, which is often cast  in “Art Templates”.

The delegation also met with the Patriarchal Vicar of the Patriarchate of Antioch and the East of the Levant, Archbishop Luka El-Khoury, who is considered one of the leading figures of the pro-Bashar church. He is a strong advocate of his ideas and is authorized to polish his image and present him as a protector of Christians and a warrior of extremism.

Sanaa Hill, the Swedish journalist accompanying the delegation of the Alternative Party, took pictures of the ruins of an area nearby the capital which had been devastated by the regime, and took another snapshot of herself, donating blood to the regime's army. The photos were proudly displayed on the front page, "Al Khouri" and "Al Sabbagh", as witnessed by "Zaman Al Wasl".

Although the Alternative for Sweden Party is a minor party and has won only a few votes in the last parliamentary elections, the "Far Right" coalition -to which AFSP belongs- has received a significant number of votes at the ballot boxes. The Safariya Demokratna party was given the third place in the elections with almost 18% of the votes, to gain 62 seats in the Swedish parliament, and an increase of 13 seats from the last election.

Zaman Al Wasl
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