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Child dies in Rukban Camp as UNICEF closes medical point

Syrian Refugees | 2018-09-21 15:16:18
Child dies in Rukban Camp as UNICEF closes medical point

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The concerns and fears of the Syrian in the deserted Rukban camp on the grew bigger with the deterioration of the medical situation which is due to the medical point of the UNICEF in the Jordanian side ceasing to provide health services to the hundreds of cases coming from the camp every day. 

Unicef, which is the only official and working medical point in the camp, has been closed for about a week to hundreds of patients. On Thursday, as a result, one of the children died due to the Emergency staff’s inability to treat him, according to Yazen Mahmoud, a member of the administrative staff at Cham Medical Centre.

Mohammed Al-Atar, a 13-year-old boy, died as a result of the lack of medical care and the failure of medical staff in Rukban camp to diagnose his condition and also due to the Jordanian authorities and UNICEF's refusal to transfer him to the Jordanian hospitals for a medical follow up and to receive the necessary treatment. 

The Rukban camp, that lies along the demilitarized berm between Jordan and Syria, is a completely arid remote area inhabited by 75,000 Syrian refugees since 2014.

Mahmoud said it was necessary to take medical tests and X-rays in order to be able to diagnose the child’s disease. His condition worsened significantly during the last 5 days of his life. His undiagnosed disease made him eventually stop eating and drinking, and also caused the retention of fluid in his body as he was unable to urinate.  

He explained as well, that the medical point of the UNICEF  is the medical heart and the only option for residents of Rukban and that it was from there that the most urgent and critical cases were transferred to Jordan hospitals  for treatment. 

He also noted that the most current and growing concerns among the medical staff working in the Rukban are the diseases affecting children, not to mention the dozens of cesarean sections that require doctors, medical supplies and medicines that are not available in any of the medical centers located in Rukban camp. 

The Cham Medical Center offers some types of treatment for displaced families in Rukban camp, relying on the few medical facilities already in its possession. While the Center suffers from a severe shortage of equipment and medicines that are necessary to treat many of the diseases affecting the children of the camp, UNICEF is able to provide free treatment and medication for dozens of medical cases every day.

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