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Detainees: despite pregnancy, Wafaa Najib arrested twice

DETAINEES | 2018-10-03 21:51:00
Detainees: despite pregnancy, Wafaa Najib arrested twice

(Zaman Al Wasl TV)- The case of Wafa Najib, former Syrian detainee, is similar to the many cases lived in the brutal conditions of prison where basic inalienable human rights are not respected. 
Najib got arrested twice, in both cases she was heavily bombarded with charges and she bounced from one security branch to another. In those security branches, she has experienced the unimaginable, from scenes of monstrous torture to brutal beating, scenes of murder and scattered corpses in the corridors of the prison, solitary and collective cells crowded with women and children, to the shouting of the tortured and the cries of detainees: those on the verge of dying, grasping for the last breath. 
Among the security branches she was taken to, Najib moved to Damascus Central Prions, known as Adra prison, the civil prison, which does not resemble its name so much; for in country ruled by a gang no compassion is given to the civil, no mercy is shown to women, and no grace is granted to children. 
After a few months in detention, and two years in Adra prison, and after living under severe siege in eastern Ghouta, Najib arrived to the opposition-held areas in northern Syria with thousands of refugees, where she is now trying to live with her two daughters. 
Najib calls for the establishment of an entity, a body or an institution concerned with former detainees, with their psychological and physical state as well as their way of living in general. The focus must also be directed especially toward those who go through difficult living situations. 

Zaman Al Wasl
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