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Black Light film sheds light on Syrians' pains, hopes

Syrian Refugees | 2018-11-02 11:18:00
Black Light film sheds light on Syrians' pains, hopes
(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Black Light film for Syrian director Ward al-Demashqi tries to shed the light on the Syrians' pains, hopes and exhausted dreams.

The 20-minute film put the monitor on media machine and its role in igniting conflicts and fueling its fire, and how the image can divert public opinion and supports the autocratic regimes.

The film is based on a true story,  about a Western journalist came to Syria to shoot a documentary about the war. Then, he lures mercenaries in northern Syria to carry out serial killings with collusion from the regime forces.

Al-Demashqi says the media is able to change facts. For that the foreign journalist, key personality in the film, asked the snipers to make the picture more real and painful to add as live footage of his upcoming film. 

You can take advantage of people's suffering to get a shot, or a snapshot of your film that will win the festivals later, al-Demashqi said.

Most obstacles the director faced is finding a location imitates the Syrian battlefields.

We suffered from the lack of places similar to Syria. The use of alternatives was very expensive. So, they managed to find a place that simulated the environment and the circumstances of the war, and found their place in the place of a survivor of World War II on the German-Polish border, al-Demashqi says.
More obstacles were ahead of al-Demashqi but he succeeded to start rolling his camera.

The film team had to dispense dozens of scenes due to lack of time and lack of funding. The duration of the original film was about 40 minutes.

Al-Demashqi, who lives in the city of Tirol in central west Austria, hopes to finalize his film, after 7 months in filming and editing. The film will be screened at Leipzig University, "Ulm Theater Institute" in Germany as a first step, he added.

The next film for al-Demashqi is about notorious Tadmur prison, or Palmyria prison but he is looking for funding. 

Zaman Al Wasl
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