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Detainees: Kenana detained while visiting Syria, security agent seized her house

DETAINEES | 2018-11-17 11:05:00
Detainees: Kenana detained while visiting Syria, security agent seized her house
(Zaman Al Wasl)- When Kenana decided to leave her place of residence in Kuwait to visit her home town in Syria, she did not expect that she would be welcomed by the embrace of prison doors that devoured her just like they devoured hundreds of thousands of innocent people during the war. 

Kenana’s family raised a complaint to the air force intelligence at the end of the previous year against the brokers after they’ve become increasingly indebted due to the brokers’ incessant demands for bribery and their loot of huge sums of money. The brokers relied on Kenna’s family’s ownership of a company in Kuwait where kenna lived with her husband ever since 1991 after having left Deir al-Zour. She was promised over and over to be released shortly; which, of course, never happened. 

The situation of Kenana’s family is similar to the case of thousands of the detainees’ families and to the families of those that went missing in the prisons of the regime. These wretched families fall victim to brokers who exploit their misfortune to loot as much money as they could from them. They claim to provide the families with information about the detainees’ place of detention and their health state.

They also claim being able to communicate with commanders and senior officers in order to come to an agreement that would ensure the release of their detained family members. This practice took place since the early years of the Syrian revolution.

The 40-year-old lady landed with her four young daughters in Damascus in a trip that would supposedly last for a month in their home in the al-Mezzeh district of Damascus. Unfortunately, the Air Force turned this pleasant family trip into a nightmare that has lasted a year and ten months in the dark cellars.

Before the trip made it to its third week, Kenana and her sister, who had travelled all the way from al-Qamishli to visit her, were arrested due to a problem with one the guest’s children. They were tried before a terrorist court in February which found them ‘not guilty’, but the air force arrested them again. One of its members known as (Y M) seized their house, as is the case for all those accused of terrorism. 

In response to her husband's request for the release Kenana in order for her to return to her four daughters, all under 10 years of age and who are, due to their young age, in deep need of the presence of their mother, he was prevented from returning home.

Russia sent official committees to neighboring Syrian countries in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey for the aim of discussing the voluntary return of millions of refugees.

These committees were established after the establishment of a center that is responsible for coordinating the return of refugees in partnership with the Ministry of Reconciliation which is part of the regime's government. These committees worked to return waves of refugees through the crossings of TalKalkh and "Jdeidat Yabous and Nassib. The fear that the returning men from the neighbouring countries would be arrested still stands and is felt by millions of Syrians despite the committees’ efforts. 

It is said that hundreds of families from different provinces of the country resorted to the personal status department hoping to know the fate of their children who were arrested for several years and of whom they have no information whatsoever, they don’t know their place of detention nor their charge nor their health state. Most families received certificates of death belonging to detainees who died in their cells.

Zaman Al Wasl
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