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After amnesia recovery, Syrian girl in Egypt seeks family reunion

Features | 2018-12-26 21:06:00
After amnesia recovery, Syrian girl in Egypt seeks family reunion
  (Zaman Al Wasl)- Ward, a 22-year-old Syrian girl lives with a host family in the Egyptian city of Al-Mansurah, has lost her memory since childhood, but later on she recovered part of it, without being able to remember who she is, or where her family is. 

Ward, pseudonym, remembers that when she was 6-year-old she used to live nearby the suspension bridge in Deir Ezzor, in a city full of colors between 2003-2004.

Ward told Zaman Al-wasl that she used to belong to a wealthy family. Apparently, there is a huge difference between her original family and her host family. Because, she was an infant at that time, she was unable to recognize the details about her surroundings. Although she believes that her ancestors are from the district of Al-Sheikh Yassin.

Ward points some distinguishing facial features, that may help, to be recognized by one of her family members, including her brownish hair, that has natural golden highlights, her dark colored eyes, and her fair light skin.

Ward echoes her memory, reviewing some of the events she had experienced. She feels a strong psychological attachment to the city of Aleppo, which does not know its nature, as well as with the bridge of the city of Deir Ezzor.

She reveals that, there seems to be a great difference between her host family and her original family. There is hatred, as they, always, threaten her with torture and murder for the no reasons. They tend to always hint the fact that they are not her real family. 

Adding to that, the recurrent visits of some Palestinian people, who have strange tone. they never spoke to her. Most of the time they leave quickly within an hour.

The people who host her, used to call her "Saleh" and ridicule her. She used to have an aunt, who died long ago. They were always trying to keep her away from her. This aunt used to avoid “Ward” and used to fear for her. 

Ward refuses to mention the name of her host family, or their occupation, fearing it would blow her cover and may stand in the way of her endeavors to find her real people.

Mohammed Tutonji, the manager of the platform “MayBeHere”, said that "Ward" sent to the site her case, and refused to reveal more details, as a picture or a telephone number, as usual for the publication of such cases. 

Ward's hope is to reach her original family, and to communicate with her people, through the simple information provided.

Zaman Al Wasl
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