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Jarablus: children with disabilities have own rehabilitation center

Features | 2019-01-10 16:47:00
Jarablus: children with disabilities have own rehabilitation center
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Local civil initiatives opened the first rehabilitation center for children with disabilities last December in the northeastern city of Jarablus, seeking more integration and adaptation in the post-war phase. 

The center adopts the learning-through-playing as an educational method, taking into account modern methods related to this field.

Abdullatif Mohammed, head of the Education Bureau of Jarablus told Zaman al-Wasl that the center is concerned with emotional, behavioral and mental retardation of children. It, also, seeks to integrate them into society to be able to adapt to the daily life and to coexist with others.

The center has equipped rooms with recreational and educational games, other rooms to welcome parents who wish to stay with their children, as well as a playground suitable for the learners.

The center received 12 children, aged between 6 and 12 years, with hearing and movement problems and who didn't have access to school are our priority. Four qualified teachers are supervising the process of educational and psychological rehabilitation of children, through playing to learn. "

He also pointed that the center suffers from several difficulties, the most prominent is the lack of a means of transportation for children to and from the center's location.

The opening of the center was welcomed by the people of the city, as it spares them the time, the difficulty of traveling and the search for a specialized center in other areas esêcially under extremely difficult security and living conditions..The residents hope for the increase of support for the opening of new fields for the education of children with special needs,and for  the children of displaced persons who have come to the region.

In conflict, children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable. They often require specialized treatment and services. As children, their needs differ from those of adults, UNICEF says. 

Bassam Adla, a father of a child with special needs, explained that these centers have a very important impact on the development of the psyche of children with mental problems, so that they become more active and dynamic at home, more social in their surroundings, as well as contributing significantly in helping families with insufficient experience and ability to overcome difficulties in dealing with their children.

 "My daughter underwent rehabilitation and education to improve her pronunciation for a few months at one of the centers in the Eastern Ghouta," said Adala, who is currently living in the Rajo district of Afrin. Although her condition began to develop significantly, in that period, but they were eventually forced to leave the region towards the north of Syria.

He continues “I really hope that we will have the opportunity to register our child in a special care center, because it has a positive impact not only on her life, but on the lives of family members as a whole."

According to pediatrician Ali Mustafa, the best way to accommodate people with special needs, is to aware of the particularities that must be taken into account for a child who suffers from mental or physical problems. The most important is taking into consideration the psyche of the child. also to be careful to know the most accurate details of the child’s wishes and tendencies and work to provide them, to organize the child’s day in a way that values the importance and meaning in the child’s life.

The psychological support provided in such centers help to dispel the fears of children with special needs, the specialized centers support them and help them  to overcome obstacles, to benefit themselves, to build their own personality and life skills, and to learn how to communicate with others, thus feel their presence and feel their importance in society.

Zaman Al Wasl
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