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Syrian regime blocks Tadamon refugees from returning home

Local | 2019-01-12 06:25:55
Syrian regime blocks Tadamon refugees from returning home

  (Zaman Al Wasl)- The Syrian regime ordered the residents of Tadamon neighborhood south of Damascus, who were forced to leave their homes to present a copy of a certified ‘title deed’ by the financial or the government’s Real Estate directorate to be allowed returning their home, pro-regime source said.

Ibrahim Ahmed, pseudonym, told Zaman al-Wasl that most of the residents of Tadamon can not bring the documents requested by the regime due to many factors, including: the loss of most of the documents and official papers held by the residents or the burning of them by military operations in the area over the past seven years.

The regime is deliberately neglecting the public services side in Tadamon which has been been huge shortage in services and municipal amid sharp need for drinking water and electricity.

Last May, the Syrian regime took full control of the neighborhood, but since then hundreds of families are still stranded. The need to return. 

Tadamon and Yarmouk camp are the main important southern gateway to the heart of Damascus.  

During the war, bashar al-Assad’s military campaign targets many southern Damascus neighborhoods, including the Yarmouk camp, Hajar al-Aswad, Tadamon, Asali and other parts of Qaddam: areas that fell out of regime control and joined the revolution in 2012. 

These areas, particularly the Yarmouk camp, saw several battles between regime forces and its allied armed groups such as Fatah al-Intifada and Jabahat Shabiyyah li Tahrir Filastin (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) on the one hand, and the Free Syrian Army factions along with some Palestinians on the other, according to the Atlantic Council.




Zaman Al Wasl
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