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Safa needs prosthetic limb to stand for her two kids

(Zaman Al Wasl TV)- The young mother Safa' al-Asaad hopes she can get treat her right leg as well to get a prosthetic limb to the other in order to stand for her two kids and to play with them.

When she fled the regime bombardment in Hama province to a refugee camp in Idlib, she thought she would be save with her family, but a Syrian airstrike in 2017 left her without a leg as the other filled with fractures.

Safa lives now in Atmeh refugee camp at the Turkish border. Her husband abandoned her to make things tougher.

Tens of people’s injuries have turned into lifelong disabilities due to the severely restricted access to medical care causes. 

As the conflict in Syria continues, more lives are lost every day, not just due to the violence, but as people become victims of a failing health system that can no longer provide them with the health services they need to stay alive, accoridng to the World Health Organzation (WHO).

 Since the revolution erupted in 2011, more than 560,000 people have been killed, and more than 6 million people have been displaced.


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