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Facebook: one of Syrians' favorite destinations to get married, engaged

Features | 2019-02-11 14:44:00
Facebook: one of  Syrians' favorite destinations to get married, engaged
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Getting married was a moot point among many Syrian refugees in Germany on social media, due to the high bride prices required and the cost of marriage in general.  

"I want to get married, I want to spend my life with a partner" said Firas Shouaib.

Firas posted this sentence on Facebook to express the difficulty of finding a partner, which become impossible for many Syrians who suffer refuge circumstances.

He said that the reasons beyond this problem, in the countries of asylum in general and in Germany, where he lived for nearly four years is due to the high bride prices required and because there are just few Arab girls in Europe in accordance with boys.

Firas decided to look for a wife through a page on Facebook, which includes about 29 thousand members of 35-year-old young men with the same problem, according to Spiegel Onlein German website.

"It is a serious problem. A man is never complete without a family. I literally live in solitude" he said. "Even Adam searched for Eve so that he could complete his life”

In same context, women have the same problem, which is similar but different in form. 
According to the website, many female Syrian women living in neighboring countries suffer from the problem of finding a partner, especially with the changing specifications required.

Hamida, a 22-year-old Syrian refugee in Turkey, was one of these females. She is currently living a few kilometers away from the Syrian-Turkish border. She sometimes works in apricot farms near her house. 
Hamida told the website that she’s looking for any serious young Syrian husband to be able to move her to live in Germany.

“In the old days it was very important for the man to be good looking, comprehensive of women rights and his family has a good reputation, but today it depends on his ability to travel and move the girl to European countries" She said. "What matters to me is that the man I am chatting is serious about marriage, not just spending time".

Love and similar groups

Nadine, 38-year-old, pointed out to the various marriage groups on Facebook and that love is now a big word for those who look for a  partner through Social media, according to what Zaman al-Wasl translated  from Spiegel Onlein. 

“In our habits and customs, the mother was the one who used to look for a wife for her son, because he does not marry only for himself but for the whole family. Today, this is becoming much more difficult, especially when the family now could be among several countries and sometimes between several Continents” she said.
She said that a year ago she started looking for a wife for her brother.

According to some commentators, this problem aimed to increase the age of getting married among young people in countries of asylum, especially with laws that restrict the issues of reunification the wife from Syria and neighboring countries.

Zaman Al Wasl
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