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Detainees: torture, rape left Jihan with mental disorder

DETAINEES | 2019-03-15 01:41:45
Detainees: torture, rape left Jihan with mental disorder
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(Zaman Al Wasl)- Aida al-Haj Yousif, a former detainee by the Syrian regime, tells new torture memo about women prisoners.

After a 15-day shift in the hospital, Jihan, 28, was heading her flat in the Rukneddine district. But the exhausted woman was obliged to wait for long time at an intelligence checkpoint inside the Syrian capital.  

She complained angrily.

 But that costs her four months in detention by members of the Air Force Intelligence who accused the nurse of having ties with ‘terrorists,’ such an expression used by the regime forces to dub rebels.
Jihan spent there four months, where she was subjected to all forms of torture, including rape, and then she was transferred to the department of terrorism in Adra Central prison. 

Later, she dad a severe nervous breakdown similar to a mental disorder.
I met her in the fifth dormitory in the departement. The wound and burning scars were clearly visible all over her body. She woke up for a short period time and then she returned to the state of collapse. During her brief moments of awakening, she told us about the torture she suffered, and what she was subjected to such torturing her wet body with electricity. She was even grateful that she was infertile, at least she wouldn’t get pregnant, reassuring herself that she will not carry a fetus in her womb as a result of her rape several times.
I was very shocked when I knew that Jeehan had a brother in the rank of colonel in the regime's army. All his attempts to know where she is or what happened to her, were unsuccessful, until she was presented to the court, which decided to continue her detention despite her illness and poor health conditions.
Jihan's father paid a large amount of money to reopen the case of his daughter but in vain. She was punished more than once, by transferring her to the criminal departement.

Jihan was freed later but with severe mental disorder.


Zaman Al Wasl
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