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Syrian pioneer wins technology competition in Austria

Features | 2019-04-13 02:05:21
 Syrian pioneer wins technology competition in Austria
   Yahya Mohammed Al-Khalidi. Zaman Al Wasl
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Yahya Mohammed Al-Khalidi won first place in the challenge of AVL, which specialized in cars testing. The challenge was held a few days ago at the Graz Laboratory in Austria, with the participation of many engineers and innovators from around the world.

The 30-year-old pioneer is also excellent in many other fields. He reached many scientific innovations related to communications and electronics, and received many honor certificates in Jordan and Austria.

His passion for communications and electronics was since childhood in Aleppo city. He used to play with damaged electronic parts in his family's home, and he showed his passion for innovation based on experimentation and not on scientific matters until he was 10-year-old.

After graduating from high school and the outbreak of war, Khalidi moved with his family to Amman, Jordan, where he received a bachelor's degree in communications engineering in 2017.

Al-Khalidi won the second place at the Jordanian universities in 2016 in TEJ competition, which was held in Amman under the supervision of the European Union as the best innovative technology project for 2016, and was honored by the presidents of universities and faculty members.

He told Zaman Al Wasl that he has been able to establish an emerging company that works to empower young people and help them apply their ideas in a practical way, and support anyone who has an idea by providing electronic inputs from pieces and sensors. The company organizes workshops and training on innovation and technological fields.

At the beginning of November 2018, Khalidi moved to Austria. Three months after his arrival, he participated in the challenge competition held at the TU Graz Technological Innovation Center every year. Young men from all German, Austrian, Chinese, French and other nationalities participated.
Al-Khalidi said that the challenge was from AVL, the world's leading automotive testing company.

He explained that the duration of the challenge was 48 hours of continuous work, so during this period the candidate has to put ideas for the company for practical application and managed, to prepare a practical and theoretical project was submitted to the company to won first place over 55 competitors from different countries of the world.

After seeing a report of the energy that is being used to illuminate the streets on one of the channels, the young inventor came up with the idea of ​​a "smart street" to save energy, money and control.

Al-Khalidi pointed out that many of the streets are constantly illuminated, whether traffic or not, and there a lot of areas and sub-streets, especially in remote areas do not have a heavy traffic, but still illuminated. Hence he brings the idea of ​​using solar energy in areas and streets where there is no traffic, which saves energy and energy consumption.

He also noted that the system was also provided with the technology of knowing the possibility of parking places.

The young inventor is using the fablab Graz of the University of Graz, in Steiermark, south-eastern Austria, to design his new idea. He expressed that he’s planning for another innovative idea of ​​generating electric power in cars other than those currently used in electric vehicles, but he actually facing non-support or non adoption.

Al-Khalidi, who is currently living in Graz, Austrian-speaking district of Steiermark, studied German and received many offers to work in technology companies, but he is now interested in completing his master's and doctoral degrees in satellite communications at the University of Vienna.

He aspires to dedicate a positive image of the Syrian refugees in the country of asylum and to show that they are creative people and not dependent on the host communities, hoping to find stability and safety and be able to establish his company for innovation and creativity in the technical fields.

Zaman Al Wasl
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