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Assad trims huge land of Qaboun district for new bus station

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Assad regime is striving to trim and confiscate lands of people revolted and demanded his departure. After forcibly displacing them, he moved to the stage of their expropriation of their property through seizing them or through controversial Law 10.

Bashar al-Assad is racing to seize the properties in Ghouta suburbs and the south and east of the capital, including Qaboun, where its rebels has succeeded to strike fear into Assad for more than six years of the Syrian Revolution.

The Assad regime announced its intention to extend the space of ‘Pullman Garages’, main bus station in the capital, to be 20 acres within two weeks.

The state-run Tishreen newspaper claimed that the move came after travelers wanted a grouping of Pullmans known by everyone.

The newspaper quoted a member of the Executive Office of the Transport Sector in Damascus province, Basil Mayhoub, that "a new temporary garage will be launched in the area of Qaboun in Damascus across from Syronics street."

He pointed out that "the purpose is to group Pullmans and to organize the work of companies in it within a maximum of 15-20 days,” indicating that when studying the organization of the industrial area of Qaboun, 20 acres were observed beside the management of vehicles, and it was decided that the definitive site of the Pullman garage should be in Damascus.

"About one acre were taken to be the temporary site of the garage until the completion of the study of the scheme of organizing the industrial area of Qaboun, including the establishment of a permanent garage suitable for Damascus with an area of 200 dunams," He continued.

Mayhoub explained that the work on the rehabilitation of this garage is in its final stages where pre-made rooms have been prepared for distribution to the companies with the work on lighting, asphalting, drainage and the drawing of the entrances and exits of the garage in a systematic manner.

"Within 15-20 days, no Pullman will remain on Al Adawi highway, and it will be fully cleaned and maintained," he concluded.

Zaman Al Wasl
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