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Haftar denies Syrians entry to Benghazi except those coming from Damascus Airport

Syrian Refugees | 2019-05-11 00:00:40
Haftar denies Syrians entry to Benghazi except those coming from Damascus Airport


The Libyan authorities decided to prevent the Syrian refugees to enter the country by land and only allow those who come through Damascus International Airport.

Two years ago, Libya decided to prevent Syrians and five other nationalities from entering Libya.


The decision calls for the deportation of those who enter by land on the first Syrian Airlines plane to the Damascus International Airport, and it means that they will be handed over to the authorities of the regime for an unknown fate. 

According to activists, it indicated that there is securitycooperation between Haftar militias and the Assad regime.


According to activists, the decision is illegal and violates refugee’s rights and an assault on their freedom of movement and the right to find a safer place.


Mohamed Kadhem Hindawi, the Regional Director of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, told Zaman al-Wasl that the Libyan authorities’ decision is just not announced in the past. 


He added that according to many legal sourcesHaftar was dealing fully with the Assad regime, adding that preventing Syrian refugees from entering Libya and limited to those who come from Damascus International Airport is against Arab values and humanity.


He pointed out that Libya was one of the most important countries that supported the Syrian’s revolution from thebeginnings and hosted the Syrian refugees.


The source pointed out that Libya’s government is not the first Arab government to prevent the entry of Syrian refugees, but there are many countries even began to tighten the screws on the Syrians since before the war.


The Syrians who stand against the Assad regime, the Russian-Iranian killing machine, the sectarian militias, and the Iraqi and Lebanese militias are a real source of horror for these regimes that confiscated the powers of their countries and the voices of their peoples” he said.

However, Europe and others countries opened their arms to the Syrians and encouraged them to workIntegrate and be creative, and live in peace.


Syrian refugees flow to Libya in October  2011, after the end of the Libyan revolution, so that the number of Syrian refugees amounted to about 100 thousand.

The Syrians often arrive in Libya by air from Lebanon or Turkey, but most arrive by land after passing through Jordan through Sinai.

They live in several Libyan cities and most of them live in Benghazi, Libya's second largest city.

Zaman Al Wasl
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