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SAMS opens mental, psychological center for traumatic refugees in Turkey

Syrian Refugees | 2019-05-20 22:56:16
SAMS opens mental, psychological center for traumatic refugees in Turkey
(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Syrian American Medical Association (SAMS) in the Turkish border city of Gaziantep has established a center for psychological and social care for Syrian refugees who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

SAMS is a non-political, non-profit medical relief organization working on the front lines to provide relief to those in need during crises. It was established by a number of Syrian and American doctors to save victims, alleviate suffering, defend medical neutrality and ensure a healthier future for Syrians. 

The center aiming to treat the psychological problems of refugees especially children and youth who have suffered psychological crises as a result of displacement.

According to local statistics, 20% of the Syrian refugees in Turkey, 3.5 million refugees suffer from mental disorders, anxiety and depression.

Dr. Mazen kwara, regional director of “SAMS” in Turkey and northern Syria, told Zaman Al Wasl that  psychological situation of the Syrian refugees is no better than the Syrians inside Syria because they have been suffered shelling and the bad economic situation to asylum.

He said that suffering during the last eight years of severe psychological stresses due to security situation in particular is the main reason that makes SAMS interested in mental health and psychosocial support for Syrian refugees.

“The most important psychological problems for Syrian refugees currently are depression and anxiety disorders and various types of infections” he said.

SAMS relied on statistics and studies conducted by the Turkish Ministry of Health at the national level. 

The center will provide basically “Psychotherapy services from individual medical supervision and psychotherapy” and “Counseling services for various psychological and social problems for all age groups (family - behavioral - learning disabilities” and " Rehabilitation for children with special needs (disorders - autism - mental retardation) and training and capacity building in the field of mental health and psychosocial support”.

The center also ensures privacy and confidentiality of beneficiaries and information for all reviewers.

The center was set up in a crowded area with Syrians, accessible to children, young people and complex cases.

Dr. Mazen called on Syrian refugees and others to pay more attention to their mental health, to take up their mental disorders seriously and to go to institutions that can serve them in this subject.

Dr. Fawaz Al-Momani, psychology professor at Al-Yarmouk University in Jordan, told Zaman Al-Wasl that the studies confirm that there are high levels of post-traumatic stress among the refugees, ranging from 25 to 75 percent. 75 people have post-traumatic stress disorder. 

He added that one of the most important variables in this aspect is the special reasons related to the traumatic event, such as the resort which is itself a shock, except for scenes of destruction, killing, loss of land and sexual assaults on women, children and the elderly. 

Zaman Al Wasl
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