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Iyad Al Hussein: former state TV reporter praises Assad atrocities from Germany

Iyad Al-Hussein

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Supporters of the Syrian regime are racing to conceal their inhuman practices against Syrian refugees, especially since some of them have been born and raised in this opportunistic environment.

Iyad Al-Hussein, the state-run Al-Ekhbariya TV reporter, is one of them.

According to activists, Al-Hussein, 37, used to document the massacres and slaughters carried out by the regime's army before becoming a reporter for Russia Today in Berlin. Several pictures were published of Hussein wearing military uniforms in several areas like Al-Kasab, Tal A’our, Al Mustaqimah, Farikah, Sokkariyeh, Palmyra, Alia, Rabia, Kesab, Kafr Dalba, Al Nuba, Jisr Al-Shughour, Salma, and al-Qasatel.

The journalist, from Latakia countryside, used sectarian racial language to call for continued violence and murder in many of his publications, including a post in which he addressed the regime's army saying, "Sheath your weapons in their hearts - Syrian army, for you all the love." Activists circulated a post in which the journalist ridiculed the words of the American president, who called on the Syrian regime to not to attack Idlib with the Russians and the Iranians. 

Activists also shared videos of Al-Hussein stomping on the bodies of fighters from the opposition factions and elements of the "state" in Tadmur and the Kenseba in rural Latakia.

In a short period of time, and before joining the ranks of the regime forces as a war correspondent in 2014, Al Hussein became one of the most active members of the regime through social networking sites with a writing style that is borderline insulting, verbal abuse, and verbal exaggerations in his praises to the army of the regime and its allied militias, which gained him widespread popularity among the loyalists. 

Activist Khaled Bahaa al-Din pointed out that Al-Hussein was favored by Assad’s army, especially the Desert Hawks Brigade, and was one of the first journalists entering the areas under their control. He accompanied the army, as our source says, in most of its battles and to most Syrian areas, also accompanying notorious Maj. General Suhail al-Hassan, dubbed: The Tiger, and the Shiite militias fighting alongside the forces of the regime.

Our source added that news on Al Hussein was absent from the media for a year to later discover that he is in Germany, where he works as a correspondent for Russia Today. He admitted his new position through his page, posting a picture of him at the headquarters of the channel.

Al-Hussein was known for his loyalty to Russian, posting, last year, on his page that, "Were it not for Moscow’s intervention, the regime’s supporters would have stayed in the refugee camps," condemning loyalists who demanded that Russia bombards Israel in retaliation for the shooting down of a Russian military aircraft and the deaths of all its crew (14 people). Our correspondent said that the appointment of Al Hussein in the channel, a known supporter of the regime, was a tribute for his previous work, improving the image of the Russian occupier and distorting that of the refugees, conveying to his media colleagues that they are not forgotten and that they will be rewarded.

In a report, the German newspaper Bild accused its countries’ authorities of ignoring reports on the possibility that war criminals might be among asylum seekers. It based its report on the response of the German Interior Ministry to the briefing request by parliamentarians of the Free Democratic Party, indicating that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees brought to the public prosecution around 5000 communications, between 2014 and early 2019, on the existence of acts criminalized by international law, as well as about 2,000 communications from other parties.

The report found that the prosecution investigated only 129 of these reports, and at the height of the flow of refugees between 2015 and 2016 submitted about 3800 communications against perpetrators of these crimes, the judiciary investigating only 28 of them.

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