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Zaman Al-Wasl urges NOID Institute to release Tadamon massacre videos to reveal victims identities

Since the Tadamon massacre was uncovered on April 28 by the American New Lines Magazine and The Guardian in which more than 280 civilians were killed in 2013 south of Damascus, many of the victims families contacted Zaman al-Wasl in search of photos or footage help them recognize the victims as a man looks for his sister, husband looks for his wife, and a father looking for his children, as there is circumstantial evidence that they are victims of the Tadamon massacre. 
But since the University of Amsterdam and the NOID Institute have obtained the 26 clips that documented the horrific massacre, Zaman al-Wasl urges to publish the clips and reveal the identities of the victims, before the victims families file a case in Dutch courts to force the Amsterdam University revealing the full truth about the fate of their daughters and sons.

Don't these women who were mentioned in The New Lines report deserve to know their photos and identities?

The only seven female victims, wearing hijabs and overcoats that characterize conservative Muslim women’s clothing, are killed with a ferocity and hatred the otherwise passionless killers do not express to the men. Out of frame, one of the sobbing women is barked at: “Get up, you whore!” (!طلعي شرموطة). Her pleas fall on deaf ears, as she is dragged up by her hair and dumped into the hole. Two women shriek uncontrollably when Youssef kicks them into the grave and executes them; the others face their fate in silence. In another video, the camera pans over a group of dead children, including infants who had been stabbed or shot, lying in a dark room as the camera operator tersely speaks: “The children of the biggest financiers from Ruknaddin neighborhood. Sacrifice for the soul of the martyr Naim Youssef.”

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