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Hazrouma lost 36 family members in Ghouta’s Chemical Attack

| 2019-08-22 20:49:33
Hazrouma lost 36 family members in Ghouta’s Chemical Attack

Six years have passed since the deadly chemical attack on Eastern Ghouta suburbs by the regime's forces that claimed lives of 1127 civilians.

The tragic stories of hundreds of families are still appearing in succession on the local Arab and international media.


Ahmed Hazrouma, defector of the regime's police, told us abouthis great tragedy, where 36 members of his close family diedand about 83 relatives also died in that horrific massacre.


He was lucky that he moved to Turkey before the chemical massacre, to meet with the Syrian opposition in order to secure support for the Internal Security and Free Police project inside Eastern Ghouta.


On the night of the chemical massacre, he spoke to his wife and mother, and only a few hours later received a call from a friend telling him that the Assad regime had committed a horrific massacre against the people of Ghouta using chemical weapons.


Hazrouma triedto call his family but communication networks were very poor at the time. When he searched on social media for news about the massacre, he found a video, broadcasted by one of the coordinators on the night of the massacre on the “Chemical Martyr”, showing that the martyr was His little daughter Jana.


Soon after, videos began to invade the Internet to see pictures of his brother and father lying on their backs, they died.


The next morning he heard that his mother, father, wife, two daughters, brothers and sisters (except a brother and sisterwho miraculously survived) were all passed away.


It is noteworthy that martyrs of the Ghouta chemical massacreare about 1446. Although the international community forced the regime to hand over its chemical arsenal and confess thatmassacre, the killers are still free and their massacres have not stopped since that day.

Zaman Al Wasl
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