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Syria's Black List: book documents names of war crimes perpetrators

DETAINEES | 2019-11-08 17:47:00
Syria's Black List: book documents names of war crimes perpetrators
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Pro Justice, a non-profit human rights organizations, held the launch of its first book “The Blacklist” on Monday evening, which collects all types of crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the regime, with a list of the most important people who committed these crimes and ways to bring them to justice.

Pro Justice will launch its first documents today, in cooperation with Hermon Center for Contemporary Studies in the Fatih district in Istanbul, Turkey.

The launch of the book is followed by a dialogue with the Executive Director, Wael Sawah, and the distribution of Arabic version of the book.

Executive director of Pro Justice said that the importance of launching the book comes from the rush to rehabilitate the regime overlooking hundreds of thousands of victims of crimes classified according to international laws as crimes against humanity.

Sawah said that Syrians are mostly seeking a political solution, but any solution that is not based on justice is doomed to failure. He pointed out that the "The Blacklist" identifies 92 people accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria over the past eight years, presenting details and figures about their crimes and identifying possible political and judicial methods to bring them to justice.

The book was collected under the supervision of a group of Syrian jurists and politicians who spent nine months investigating the information and detailing it into a single book that would be a reference for any researcher of serious human rights violations in Syria.

This book presents a record of the sacrifices made by Syrians to achieve their freedom. The first chapter sheds light on the need to conduct the legal process that enhances the social and political mobility, and the opportunities to confront the regime and stop the violations that have been committed for more than five decades.

The introduction, written by Dr. Riyad Hijab, a Syrian Prime Minister who defected the Assad regime in August 2012,  states that, “The ultimate goal of this work is to ensure that the crimes committed by the regime are not overlooked, and that international bargaining and interests cannot change the principles upon which the national movement was founded, which is to achieve freedom and dignity and hold all those involved in violations of human rights accountable.”

Sawah concluded that there is no peace without real justice, which restores the rights of the people.

Syrian opposition sources said that more than 500,000 prisoners remain inside the prisons of the Syrian regime.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said in October that the Syrian regime has been practicing 72 torture methods gainast detainees in security chambers and military hospitals.
About 1.2 million Syrian citizens have been arrested and detained at some point in the regime’s detention centers, including 130,000 individuals who are still detained or forcibly disappeared by the Syrian regime, since the revolution erupted in March 2011, SNHR said.

According to the International Conscience Movement, an NGO, more than 13,500 women have been jailed since the Syrian conflict began, while more than 7,000 women remain in detention, where they are subjected to torture, rape and sexual violence.

The eight-year-old war has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands and forced 13 million people from their homes, half of whom have left their shattered homeland.

Zaman Al Wasl
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