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Assad security tightens noose on Eastern Ghouta residents

Local | 2019-12-14 22:20:00
Assad security tightens noose on Eastern Ghouta residents
 (Zaman Al Wasl)- The Syrian regime has imposed strict security measures on the eastern enclave of Damascus, freezing security permits that allow residents to enter Damascus, local media group said Saturday.

The Ghouta Media Center said the regime had excluded people who originally from Eastern Ghouta but never lived in Ghouta suburbs between 2013-2018.

Almost 20 months since rebels agreed on a humiliated reconciliation deal to lay down arms and leave towards northern Syria.

The fall of eastern Ghouta in April 2018 was achieved in a brutal fashion and changed the course of the war.

The residents of Ghouta should obtain an exit permit issued by the police station of his area. Also, the permit should be signed by the director of the district and the mayor to allow them to move freely between the towns to avoid security reprisals.

The internal transport process between the towns is facing great difficulties because of the lack of effective measures to improve the movement of traffic between them. For that, the residents are depending motorcycles and minibuses.
Also in Ghouta, 50 people were arrested by the State Intelligence in Eastern Ghiuta suburbs amid a major   conscription campaign launched last week . 

The Voice of the Capital, a local news site, said raids had targeted Douma, the capital of the eastern Ghouta.  

Raids also included towns in Qalamoun like Dumayr and Ruhaiba, where a dozen people were arrested for conscription. 

Most of the young men in the capital’s eastern suburbs have rejected the regime’s conscription call but the reconciliation deals have imposed a new de-facto. They should join the army or they might face arrest by the military intelligence.

The regime army has sent out about 7,000 conscription calls to eastern Ghouta’s young men to perform the military service, despite some names belonging to people killed or displaced, according to the names listed by the General Conscription Department.

Zaman Al Wasl
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