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Pilot who launched Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack appointed as 70th Brigade Commander

Brig. Gen. Mohammad Yousef Hasouri (C)

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The military pilot who carried out the deadly Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack in April 2017 has been appointed by Bashar al-Assad as the commander of the 70th Brigade that affiliated to the military T-4 airbase east of Homs province.

Brig. Gen. Mohammad Yousef Hasouri was the chief of staff and deputy commander of Shayrat airfield, also known as the 50th Brigade, in central Homs province from which the deadly chemical weapons attack had been launched and killed at least 103 people in Khan Sheikhoun town in Idlib province almost three years ago.
Hasouri was the commander who took off with his Su-22 (Dubbed: Quds 1) and bombed Khan Sheikhoun with Sarin gas. 

Hasouri's air base was hit by 59 U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles in a disciplinary act by Donald Trump's administration.

Commanders of the Syrian Air Force never had been so carefully selected as the appointments of last years show which include officers famed for their strong loyalty and most descended from pro-close circles of the Assad himself. 

Hasouri came from the 827 Sukhoi Squadron at the T-4 airport in the eastern countryside of Homs until mid-2014, where he moved to Shayrat Airport as a commander of 685 Squadron (Su-22 M3).

After being promoted to the rank of Brigadier on 1/1/2015, he was appointed Chief of Staff 50th Brigade on 1/1/2016, and was appointed deputy commander of the 50th Brigade 2016.

January's Promotion List

 Zaman al-Wasl has obtained the January's promotion list of 52 top officers in the Syrian Air Force.

Most of the top officers operate as military pilots who carried out deadly air strikes on the opposition areas during over the nine-year-old conflict that claimed the lives of half a million people and displaced half of the country’s population.

The Syrian regime army on January 1st has also promoted 3 Brigadier Generals who gained fame in brutality and killing, each in his field.

Most of the promoted generals come from Bashar al-Assad's hometown in coastal region and belong to the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

Al-Assad, who believes that war is over along with his key allies Russia and Iran, has maintained to survive with a powerless army by depending on local militias and Iran-backed-and-funded foreign militants. 

Syrian activists said all active officers in the regime army have been involved in war crimes against the Syrian people.

In details, Brigadier General Pilot Tawfiq Mohamed Khadhour, originally from coastal Jableh region, to the rank of Maj. Gen. after his appointment as the Commander of The 22nd Division.

The second Brigadier to be promoted to Maj. Gen. was Mohamed Mansour. He was appointed as Deputy Commander of The 22nd Division.

The third Maj. Gen. was the pilot Abdullah Suleiman, originally from Tartus province; He was appointed as Commander of the Coastal Unitary Headquarters of the Air Force and Air Defense.


The promotions from Colonel to Brigadier have included 49 officers throughout the formations, sectors, units, and headquarters of the Air Force, most of whom are technicians, navigators, and pilots who are suspended from aviation serving in the headquarters and leadership of the Air Force. Below is a list of the names of the majority of them:

Brigadier General Haitham Fayad

- Brigadier General, Asaad Asaad

Brigadier General Issa Duweiri

Brigadier General Akram Abdel Salam

Brigadier General Abdul Rahman Hassan

- Brigadier General Kamel Ahmed

- Brigadier Pilot Mohamed Qunbas

- Brigadier General Rafiq Ahmed Ibrahim

Brigadier General Abdullah Al-Ahmad

- Brigadier General Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Dakhil

- Brigadier General Mohamed Heen Neisafi

Brigadier General Samih Halloum

Brigadier Pilot Khaldoun Adham Boueini

- Brigadier General Mohamed Bakry

- Brigadier General Pilot Hamza Haider

- Brigadier General Ahmed Masoud

Brigadier General Ziyad Abu Al-Laith

Brigadier General Youssef Jammoul

- Brigadier General Ali Asaad Habib

- Brigadier General Melhem Abdel-Karim

Brigadier General Taher Ali

Brigadier General Tayseer Ibrahim

- Brigadier General Adib Suleiman

- Brigadier General Mansour Shahoud

Brigadier General Mounir Ayyash

- Brigadier General Moataz Hamdan

Brigadier General Mohamed Al-Dhamati

- Brigadier General Khalil Sheikh Saleh

Brigadier General Riyadh Al-Ahmed

Brigadier General Rami Mahfoudh

Brigadier Salim Jaber Al-Ali

- Brigadier General Sultan Al-Ahmad

Brigadier General Hussain Al-Ali

Brigadier General Yasser Mohammed

Brigadier General Abdul Karim Al-Nasser

- Brigadier General Abdul Razzaq Al-Ahmad

Brigadier General Walid Hawash

- Brigadier General Nadim Shahoud

Brigadier General Ramadan Al-Saeed.

(Editing by Mohamed Hamdan)

Zaman Al Wasl
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