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Displaced man offers his 'kidney for sale' to buy tent sheltering his 8 children

 (Zaman Al Wasl)- The Syrian displaced Jamal Baroud has put his kidney for sale after losing all hope of finding a tent in the northern Syria camps for his eight children to live in.

The photojournalist Aref Wedd published on his Facebook page a picture of Baroud carrying a sign that says, “I have been displaced 27 days ago. I will sell my kidney for a tent to shelter me and my family, because I only have God on my side.”

Baroud worked as a tailor before the war, but was arrested because of his revolutionary activity and was tortured in a security branch where his neck was broken, which made him unable to work.

Baroud said that after being displaced he was homeless. He appealed to every relief and humanitarian organization in vain, because according to him these organizations “work through patronage and partiality."

He revealed that most of his eight children have health issues, including a daughter with an internal bleeding in her kidney, a 10-year old girl with a growth deficiency, a 15-year old with prognathism, another daughter with seizures, and a three-year-old scared of loud noises. Baroud was unable to treat any of them due to his situation, and that is why he is offering his kidney or any organ in his body to help him get a tent and treat his children and save them from war.

While the response to his offer was modest, many people offered to help him. Baroud explained that he was not asking for money but for treatment for his children or help them leave Syria away from war, suffering and constant fear. He revealed that his children have not attended school for more than two years, and that he is considering suicide with his children so they can finally rest, because he will not watch them die from cold and hunger.

In the past 48 hours, the Syrian Response Coordination Group has recorded the displacement of more than 1,611 families, around 9,183 people, bringing the number of displaced between February 2019 to February 27 to 1,018 , 529 people (689, 178 families). Despite the obstacles, the field teams continue to conduct a census of the displaced who fled the area towards the safe regions.

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