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Syrian figures to found new opposition body abroad

Local | 2020-03-09 01:52:00
Syrian figures to found new opposition body abroad
   Maj. Gen Mohammed Haj Ali
(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Coordinator of the preparatory campaign for the Syrian National Conference denied that the preparatory committee had benefited from the disputes within the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition.

Major General Mohammed Haj Ali described the Coalition as a paralyzed and dead body, for its inability to maintain its basic configuration since its inception, with more than 50% of its members leaving, as well as its diminishing influence because of its internal conflicts and the differences between the countries that support it.

“We do not want to replace the coalition, because it failed a long time ago. We do not want to be under the mercy of regional and international agendas at the expense of the Syria people. We rely on the representation of the Syrians’ will to eradicate tyranny…We will demand the international community to implement its decisions and Resolutions 2254 and 2218.”

Haj Ali announced that they do not have any regional nor international sponsors as Syrians have become suspicions of external support, which the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference has benefited from. They refused any support from any international body, a position which some thought was not in the interest of the Syrian cause.

On the other hand,  some Syrian businessmen will allegedly have a role in the conference, which the coordinator welcomed, saying that the general objectives of the conference are now in everyone's hands, businessmen or otherwise, and that they will be monitoring the possibility of any breach if it happens.

Haji Ali also denied that the conference is “for the rich”, “any city is welcome to name its representative for this conference as well as others. There is also the possibility of active participation via a closed electronic platform. This conference will not be the only one; we are working to create a new environment that will allow the Syrians to decide their national destiny.”

Haji Ali said that they have addressed the invitation to all those who believe in and agree with the necessity of an independent Syrian decision, that they have not specified any names from the regime and that they will not work with any of its supporters. Haji Ali concluded that around 500 delegates from the Syrian society would participate in the conference, without prejudice against nationalism, religion or sect, excluding only those whose hands are stained with the blood of the Syrians.

Among the General National Conference’s goals are:

Ending the war and preserving what remains of Syria- 

Removing all foreign powers: countries, systems, and individual- 

Pressuring the international community to implement international resolutions, namely the Geneva Declaration of 2012 and Resolutions 2254 and 2218.

.Implementing a political transition supervised by a transitional governing body-

.Returning the displaced and reconstruction- 

Safeguarding freedoms constitutionally, legally and realistically, including individual freedom, freedom of belief formation of organizations, political parties and unions. 

Assertion of human rights, ratification and compliance with international covenants and the immediate release of political detainees

The criminalization of sectarian hatred, political sectarianism, and violence-

The Syrian army, after its reformation, is the national institution that protects the country and its independence.

Zaman Al Wasl
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