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Iran power expands in southern Damascus suburbs

 (Zaman Al-Wasl)- Iran's Revolutionary Guard and allied Hezbollah militia have expanding their territory of control in the southern suburbs of Damascus, Building dozen of bases and outpost.

Zaman Al-Wasl source says Iran has set up training fields, missile launchers and drone bases under Hezbollah's command and other sectarian militias operating in southern Damascus.

Most importantly, a drone base that runs by Hezbollah militia sits in the south of Sayyda Zainab, the holy town for Iran. 

The base, which constructed in 2017, is situated inside a camp affiliated by the Air Force Intelligence.

The Iranian presence in southern Damascus pushed Israel to launch wild-scale airstrikes over the past few years.

Israel wants to prevent by all means the existence of a "Shiite corridor" linking "Tehran to Damascus," top Israeli officials say.

The Iranian regime has spent an average of $15-16 billion in Syria since the conflict erupted nine years ago, while the annual support afforded by to Iranian citizens is approximately $8 billion, reports say. 
The eight-year-old war has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands and forced 13 million people from their homes, half of whom have left their shattered homeland.

(Editing by Mohamed Hamdan)

Zaman A Wasl
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