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57 forces from Assad's coastal region killed in March: activists

(Zaman Al Wasl)- At least 57 forces from Bashar al-Assad's coastal region were killed in March mostly by opposition forces in northern Syria, according to pro-regime accounts.

The death toll has included 28 officers, 18 from Tartus province and 10 from Latakia province.  Two of them killed in Israeli airstrikes on Shayrat airfield on March 31 in central province of Homs. 

Opposition factions and hardline groups have killed more than 140,000 pro-regime forces since the armed conflict erupted nine years ago, according to local monitoring groups.

At least 4000 Syrian army troops and officers were killed in the past four weeks in northern Syria, mostly killed in Turkish artillery and combat drones attacks, local activists said. 
But the Turkish Defense Ministry has another death toll of 3400 said they have been killed since its operation began in northern Syria last February.

The nine-year-old conflict in Syria has killed more than 390,000 people and displaced 7.5 millions.

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