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Document: rebel commander robs 2.3 Million $ allocated to break Homs Siege

Zaman Al Wasl Leaks | 2014-06-16 00:00:00
Document: rebel commander robs 2.3 Million $ allocated to break Homs Siege

(Translation by Dani Murad)

In order to remove al-Molouk checkpoint in the northern countryside of Homs ,and break the siege imposed on the old neighborhoods of the city, Abu Hatem al-Daheek ,one of the leaders of the armed revolution in Talbissah, was given ($ 2.367660) as a price for the ammunition required for this mission.

The deal was revealed in a document obtained by Zaman Alwasl which proves Daheek’s receipt of the amount to do this task, and the targeted checkpoint is known for being a fortified location surrounded by large number of armed soldiers .

In addition to that, the document also revealed that he received an amount of 800 thousand dollar from the total ($ 2.367660) in cash to complete what he needs of ammunition and weapons during the operation.

According to the document, Daheek’s list of weapons included a “qualitative " heavy, light, and medium ammunition , including 40 “Grad” rockets , 60 tank shells, 162 thousand "Kalashnikov" bullets , 59 thousand "PKC" bullets, 18 "Concourse" and "Milan" missiles in addition to large numbers of rare and expensive ammunitions in that region .

And despite what supporters have given to Daheek, he hasn’t done the “ promised” operation as agreed yet , and sources revealed to Zaman Alwasl the circumstances which led to choosing him to carry out the operation “despite people warnings” , most importantly for being the sole owner of heavy army machinery of tanks and armored vehicles in the region.

Sources also pointed out that Al Daheek submitted by the end of 2013 an initial list of needed ammunitions, but was refused by the donor entity because it was considered insufficient to accomplish the operation, so he doubled his demands of weapons and applications were completed by the beginning of 2014, before the establishment of "Hazem Movement" in which Daheek later joined.

According to sources’ confirmations, Daheek stipulated that his formation “ Iman brigade " work alone , without any partnership with other factions in the region, and undertaken in a video to reach the mills, and in return, the donor also promised, if Daheek’s brigade reach the mills, he will complete his support to free all of Homs.

However, since receiving the payment, Daheek has been maneuvering and manipulating to announce the “Zero Hour” making many excuses such as, having a damaged tank, the presence of refugees beside the checkpoint, and sometimes justified his delay due to factions’ refrain to support him, although he refused that earlier, and many times, he said he has a shortage of ammunition.

The source also pointed out that the Donor sent to Daheek reliable figures to receive the weapons and money after the fall of old Homs, in order to support other revolutionary operations but he has been postponing that until today....

It’s also worth mentioning that in the period in which Daheek was planning to blow up Al Molouk checkpoint, two massacres were committed against the revolution and revolutionaries, the first was 'al-Matahen' massacre, which claimed the lives of about 50 martyrs from “Al-Bayada Martyrs,” brigade led by Abdul Basit Alsarut.

And the other massacre was in Juret al-Shayah neighborhood, in which dozens were killed, including Iyad Zeaib, one of the rebels’ leaders besieged Homs.

More than once and before leaving Homs, rebels in old Homs demanded help from Daheek , through written messages and video clips, and even Zaman Al Wasl tried to get in touch with the rebels and Daheek in that time , and his response was “ there is no ammunition”.

Zaman AlWasl welcomes Daheek reply regarding what has been published, and has the minutes of meetings and video clips documenting the amount of money received by Daheek.

Zaman Alwasl
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