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Syrian child's sexual assault showed new face of media hypocrisy

Opinion | 2020-07-03 10:12:00
 Syrian child's sexual assault showed new face of media hypocrisy
By Abdel-Razzaq Diab

The Syrian Lawyers Syndicate did not stand with a 13-year-old refugee child in Lebanon who was brutally raped by seven young men as it did with the killing of Syrian refugee by the husband of singer Nancy Ajram.

For its part, the Lebanese newspapers devoted to the incident only a very small space in the all regular published news, and nobody defended and spoke about the child’s sexual assault that occurred in the town of Sohmor in western Bekaa as they did about George Floyd’s death.

Some protested the crime as childhood abuse, and considered it just a crime that can happen anywhere in the world, and objected to its stigmatization of sectarianism, despite the criminals confessing and repeat of hatred expressions.

Lebanon’s intellectuals, who are always fighting against bullying, homophobia and defending any artist or dancer, were not all together to consider what happened with the Syrian child a heinous crime that requires bringing the aggressors to justice, which is governed by the militia that raised these monsters.

The latest reports show that the aggressors are seven suspects involved in this crime and they were violating the small bodies for years especially as he is a weak Syrian, and because they belong to the culture of killing and hatred and xenophobia.

At approximately the same time, another crime by a shabiha (an electrician) appeared on the outskirts of Damascus and it is a sectarian crime. The Syrian monsters raped a woman and burned her with her three children in Beit Sahm town, and the reason that was announced by the regime's foreign Ministry is stealing $130 (SYP260,000).

In all those crimes against Syrians, whether in the countries of eastern and western asylum, the world does not take actions in front of the violated bodies, and in case the two children, Omran and Alaan, the world remained silent and ignorant, therefore, the harm to these helpless bodies has become accessible to monsters.

In Syria, the poor, raped and destroyed, no one protects children from exploitation of all kinds. In all this hell, there are crimes of sectarian rape under abhorrent criminal names.

Zaman Al Wasl
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