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Syrian novelist Sulafa Kafi deals with racism against refugees in Germany

Syrian Refugees | 2020-07-18 19:24:00
Syrian novelist Sulafa Kafi deals with racism against refugees in Germany
(Zaman Al Wasl)- The German cultural and media circles celebrated Leiser Schrei, the second novel by the young Syrian writer Sulafa Kafi, 18, in German after her novel "Zwei Secunden".

When she was 10-year-old, Sulafa moved with her family from the city of Derik (Al-Malikiyah) in  late 2012 to Germany. She was able to face the problem of language integration because she was young. Soulafa told Zaman al-Wasl that writing novels or stories was her dream from childhood. 

Her dream was fulfilled when she was 14 by issuing her first novel "Zwei Sekunden", which she completed at a time when there was a major attack on refugees because of their coming to Europe in large numbers. The young girl’s purpose in writing the novel was to make the Germans change their bad treatment about people who desperately need help and stand up to racism and the need for openness and tolerance.

"Zwei Sekunden" (2 seconds) talks about a family forced by circumstances to leave their homeland in search of a better life elsewhere, but it faces many difficulties and obstacles in its journey and is treated with a lot of racism in its new milieu.

The narration issued by "tradition" tells the story of a Syrian family made up of a father, mother and child born at the beginning of the story and their lives are turned upside down when the father mysteriously disappears and the mother receives a message that they have to flee the country because the father was taken to mandatory service. Indeed, the mother and daughter are leaving to a European country and there, like other refugees, they face difficulties in alienation and the host community that even the camp where you live is burned, and one day they find themselves face to face in front of the father and their lives gradually return to normal, and one day during a demonstration against the refugees the father is separated from his family from New and beaten and arrested, the wife, after losing the ability to protect her child, is forced to leave the country on an arduous journey by a closed truck to Europe.

Kafi pointed out that the period she spent in Syria, and despite her age at that time, was the most beautiful stage in her life, and therefore she tries to make these memories close to her and with her, noting that writing the novel at the age of fourteen was a difficult experience for her because writing needs patience, determination and possession For expression tools. She continued: “For me, writing was a way to communicate my message and books and influence their convictions and rulings on others.”

Kafi revealed that her first novel resonated widely with literary circles in the media and with her many Arab and Kurdish media interviewed her novel and her novelist experience in general, "Watan FM" and a German newspaper and the Germany-based "Abwab” website.

According to her, she received unlimited moral support from her family, classmates and teacher "Phillip Unsinn" who read the novel and helped her correct it and organize the book signing party, which had a great role in the success of the novel.

The writer indicated that she is trying through what she writes to provide information that many people do not know about our customs and traditions, especially for the refugee generation, and to make the German reader learn about our culture and the customs of our society.

Kafi also aspires to complete her studies, follow her literary experience, share her message and present what is interesting and useful, expressing her hope that peace and love will prevail throughout Syria and the world.

By Faris Rifai

Zaman Al Wasl
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