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Assad forces confiscate rebels properties in Eastern Ghouta

| 2020-08-20 15:56:20
Assad forces confiscate rebels properties in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian regime continues to violate the rights of civilians, looting and seizing the properties of the residents of the eastern enclave of Damascus.
The elite Republican Guard forces early this week have delivered eviction orders to ten families living in homes owned by Syrian rebels who fled to northern Syria over surrender deals.
The order included houses, shops, land, cars and all property left behind during their displacement to the north, under the pretext that they betrayed their country and that the state has the right to take them.
The Republican Guard patrols removed a family from a house near the municipality of Ayn Tarma whose owner was displaced and is living in northern Syria.
Eight more houses had been completely seized and permanently closed, while many homes near Al-Hoda mosque were converted to military headquarters for its members.
According to Zaman al-Wasl reporter , in July and August, regime intelligence seized approximately 160 homes in Haza, Beit Sui, Misraba, Irbin and Harasta in Eastern Ghouta for the same previous reason.
The same scenario is reoccurring in all provinces that Assad forces have recently taken over in Aleppo, Qalamoun region and many other areas, not only seizing the property of the displaced, but also the properties of everyone who left these areas for fear of oppression.
The fall of eastern Ghouta last April was achieved in a brutal fashion and changed the course of the war.
More than 1,700 civilians were reportedly killed during the eight-week offensive.
Eastern Ghouta was the scene of the first major protests against the rule of al-Assad in the capital.
Since the Syrian revolution erupted in 2011, more than 560,000 people have been killed, and more than six million people have been displaced.

Zaman Al Wasl
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