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Within one day ... 107 cases of Covid-19 in northern Syria

Local | 2020-10-16 11:02:28
Within one day ... 107 cases of Covid-19 in northern Syria
The Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) has reported 107 new infected cases of Covid-19 in the liberated areas in northern Syria, bringing the number of cases so far to 1927.

Twenty cases of recovery have been registered, with a total of 1024 cases of recovery. Statistics of the localisation of cases published by the epidemiological Laboratory showed that 38 cases were recorded in Aleppo governorate, including 13 in Al-Bab, 12 cases in Azaz, 10 people in Afrin City, 2 in Jebel Saman and 1 case in Jarablus.

69 injuries were also recorded in Idlib governorate, distributed to 60 injuries in the city of "Idlib", and 5 injuries in "Harem", in addition to 4 injuries in "Jericho".

According to what was indicated by the Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory, Covid-19) caused death to 5 cases, bringing the total number of deaths to 20 cases.

On October 13, 2020, the "Syria Response Coordinators" team appealed to the World Health Organization and relief organizations concerned with health affairs to take urgent action to contain the spread of Corona, especially in the city of "Al-Bab", east of Aleppo.

The team said in a statement entitled "The city of al-Bab faces the catastrophe of the epidemic," that the virus is a major threat to life in countries with strong health systems, but this threat is much greater in northwestern Syria due to the destruction of the health system there and the unavailability of dozens of medical facilities from service.

The team called for the necessity to work to close the illegal crossings, and to approve a package of economic decisions by the local authorities to help civilians face the effects of the epidemic in the city.

The team also called for all attention to be given without delay in expanding community isolation centers and hospitals designated for the Covid-19 which have not yet exceeded 17 centers and eight hospitals, according to the health authorities in the region.

The team stressed the need to work to increase the capacity of the intensive care beds and the oxygen supply equipment, which does not exceed 164 ventilators, 18 oxygen generators and 42 cylinders.

The team urged that an "emergency budget" should be allocated to meet logistical expenses and urgent needs, noting the need to secure protective equipment and personal protection for medical personnel, and to provide sterilizers, disinfection equipment in all areas of schools, hospitals, camps and any service facilities, in anticipation of any development in the spread of the virus.

Zaman Al Wasl
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