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Greece To Build Wall Along Turkish Border To Block Migrant Crossings

Greece is set to extend a barrier along its border with Turkey in a ramped-up effort to prevent migrants, asylum seekers and refugees from crossing into the country.

In a press briefing, government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said the country planned see at least 26 kilometers (16 miles) of border wall added to a pre-existing 10-kilometer (6-mile) construction by the end of April.

The project is expected to cost roughly 63 million euros, or $74.2 million, Petsas said.

The decision comes after tens of thousands of people tried to cross from Turkey into Greece after the Turkish government announced that it would no longer stand in the way of migrants and asylum seekers trying to reach European Union countries.

The Turkish government announced the decision in late February following an escalation in the Syrian conflict.

Asserting that Turkey could not sustain another wave of refugees entering the country, the Turkish government said it could no longer honor a 2016 agreement to work to prevent crossings into Europe.


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