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Starvation, misery will lead for new revolution- Opinion

The bet on another revolution born out of hunger and anger for their stolen bread was lost, as a large number of Syrians still believe that their struggle is but an external conspiracy and an unjust siege, despite all the restriction and the clampdown that the regime has implemented on all their basic needs.

The broken promises made by the regime to those who supported it are yet to disappointed their trust in its leadership, betting time and time again that with some support and patience their issues will be resolved, blaming in their great anger the cries of hunger on corruption and thieves while darkness looms over their lives.

Their “master's” red lines have been crossed one after another, until the sweet smell of bread in the morning has been replaced by long waits in longer queues that became headlines in the world’s newspapers. Only to get their meagre rations flavored with rotten Iranian yeast and the worst quality of wheat bestowed on them by Russia every now and then before they fall in the clutches of starvation, in return of yet another piece of their land or broken principle.

This winter will be the harshest for those who cannot afford heating. Only the closest to the regime and the richest among them can enjoy the warmth that money provides. The corrupt, the gangs of militias, and the people of influence and power can secure such luxury. So let the cold bite on the unfortunate.

A few days ago, some people were discontent with the long power outages that not even the capital was spared from, having to endure over twenty hours without electricity. And yet, the comments and complains were all insults and accusations directed towards the employees and the Electricity Minister , who came out yesterday to inform them that this situation might continue for the next three years.

Unfortunately, neither hunger nor humiliation succeeded in creating an awareness of change, as fear reigns master over the hearts of those who remained under Assad’s authority, who witnessed the massacres and letdowns and might have right to fear. However, there are also the rights to live in dignity, to not endure humiliation and die of hunger a hundred times a day, only to end up dying under torture or out of fear of it. Alas, those who are ruling over this country are not concerned with the dignity or the fate of anyone.

The regime's corrupt agents of murderers and thieves are clinging to everything they have committed, dedicated to live and die with it over the blood of the rest. Meanwhile, those who stayed silence or chose to stand in grey areas, thinking that they will escape the fire of battle unscathed, pay double the price today, shunned from both sides with the regime not trusting them and the opposition seeing in them the disappointment and shame of their countrymen.

Therefore, in light of these divisions–which were not motivated by hunger, humiliation, and fragmentation to reunite again– perhaps an uprising of dignity would restore the broken social contract between them, and rebuild a nation that was not shattered by war alone, but by interests, fear, and lost confidence… For hunger alone does not make revolutions.

By Abdulrazaq Diab

Zaman Al Wasl- Abdulrazaq Diab
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