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Syrians and winter: available solutions

Features | 2020-12-28 23:38:21
Syrians and winter: available solutions
Houssam puts the diesel stove in the corner of the house as if it were an unnecessary piece of his home furniture. He has long waited to get his annual share of diesel that does not exceed 100 liters, but like any other person from Idlib or Damascus, he does not have money to buy it despite the availability of heating material.

The scene summarizes the horror of the winter season with its cold, rainy, and cruelty for Syrians. Syrians hate the winter that is generally characterized by grief, sadness and rage that intensifies whenever the rains intensify, which was a dream during the Syrian drought years at the beginning of the third millennium.

The cold turns all the details of the Syrians' lives into a conflict that begins with the first depression. Everyone must resist by all possible means to try to overcome it.

Any of these heaters can be allowed to light in the evening. It is okay to get back the warmth with a light dinner consisting of oil, thyme, Makdous, olives and tea.

The time distance between breakfast and dinner goes very slowly. Only the lucky ones can warm up. Women at home depend on blankets, but for men outside the house is not warm until evening.

Houssam, from Damascus, sets very carefully the scheme for using the diesel share. When "you are in the hand" it will be divided into the months of January and February. Only 100 liters were previously insufficient for 15 days. What a life !!.

He saves from his daily expenses to buy a bag of firewood or berin weighing 50 kilos. European diesel, which resembles fresh water, is not preferred due to its high clarity. This is an affordable way. He recommends that his wife warm his children well, but bearing in mind that a bag of firewood is a two-week period of heating !!.

 What is the way to avoid this impasse ?! what someone can do in front of a tragedy like this !!

Zaman Al Wasl
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