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China on IAEA and Iran, Myanmar, multilateralism

China said Monday it will work towards "openness" and "cooperation" with others, after U.S. President Joe Biden said the United States and its allies must prepare for "strategic competition" with the Asian giant.

"International affairs should be handled by all parties through discussions, not by group politics or cliques (...) based on ideologies targeting specific countries," said Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin.

While Biden has pledged reengagement and a more civil tone in U.S. diplomacy, it's unclear whether he will make any fundamental changes in Washington's policies toward Beijing.

Also Monday, Wang said China welcomes the "feasible technical solution" the U.N. atomic watchdog IAEA and Iran have reached on monitoring Tehran's nuclear program.

Asked about China's position on protesters killed in the crackdown by Myanmar police over the weekend, Wang only reiterated that China is concerned about the situation and hoped all parties will "exercise restraint."

A close neighbor of southeast Asian country, China has not condemned the military takeover so far.

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