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Friday coronavirus lockdown reinstated in Jordan

The Jordanian government this week reinstated a nationwide Friday lockdown and extended the daily night curfew by two hours as a new measures to stem the spread of coronavirus.

The Friday restrictions, originally implemented in October, have been brought back just weeks after being cancelled on January 13 following a royal directive by the king to reopen various sectors.

Authorities allowed worshippers to perform Friday noon prayers for one hour.

Vehicles are not allowed, so faithful can only go to mosques on foot.

The government has said there will be tougher punishments for those who violate health rules, such as not wearing a face mask.

It has also announced that the coronavirus variant, first discovered in Britain, has now become "predominant" among cases recorded in the capital Amman and other neighbouring areas.

Jordan's authorities believe that the Friday lockdowns, which were imposed for lengthy periods last year, proved successful in limiting the spread of the virus.

Jordan has recorded more than 380,000 cases of the coronavirus and 4,627 deaths.

Associated Press
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