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Russia forces equip new base in Badia desert: source

Undated photo for Syrian army officers in front the Russia's main military headquarters in Palmyra city

 Zaman al-Wasl has learned that the Russian forces are preparing to set up a permanent military base near the historic city of Palmyra in the middle of the Syrian desert.

The new bastion will be equipped in Mont al-Mazar, or Jabal al-Mazar, about 13 kilometers north of Palmyra, sources said.

The base will include a helipad as a runway is now paved with a length of about 780 meters at the eastern side, the satellite photos showed.

The total area that is being prepared is about 37 hectares, which is adjacent to the weapons depots of the Syrian Air Forces.

Russia has gripped its power on most regime-held areas since 2015, taking presence in the vast Badia desert where the Islamic State militants are still controlling pockets through Homs province and eastwards to the Iraqi border, and continue to carry out deadly attacks against regime forces and allied Iranian militias.
Russian warplanes carried out 40 airstrikes in Deash areas in Badia two weeks ago.


Zaman Al Wasl
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