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Germany deports two Syrian refugees to Belgium

German authorities deported two Syrian refugees last Wednesday after a police raid on the Wolfhager-Pomerania district at dawn and took the two siblings, Marfan and Katia Khadr, and put them on a plane bound for Bulgaria, activists said.

Katia, 18, told HNA channel that her mother had a nervous breakdown and they did not even have time to pack their bags.

The mother, Aziza Khadr, lost her husband in the war and fled Damascus to Bulgaria with her two children after their apartment was bombed in 2017. They, then, immigrated illegally to Germany to live in Wolfhager Pommernanlage.

The social worker at Henning Riddle school, where the two siblings studied, said that the family were beyond integration and learning the language, as Katia was about to graduate from high school, and wanted to become a geriatric nurse in Phönix Wolfhagen, and her brother was going to work in a construction company.

The family worked in volunteering for years, with Katia helping translate for the refugees, and her mother sewing masks to aid in the prevention of the coronavirus in the complex.

The Dublin Regulation requires that asylum seekers have their asylum claim registered in the first EU country they arrive in, as is the case with the Khadr family whose file has been examined by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Since 2012, Germany has suspended deportations to Syria due to the ongoing war that in 10 years has resulted in more than 380,000 deaths and millions of refugees.

However, German Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer later issued a decision to resume the deportation of Syrians to their country or the countries from which they arrived under certain conditions. The decision constituted a breach in a country that for 10 years has welcomed about 790,000 Syrians and currently holds the largest refugee community in Europe. 

Reporting by Faris al-Rifai

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