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Rights groups nominate missing Khalil Maatouk for Front Line Defenders' Award

Khalil Maatouk

Syrian and Arab rights organizations have nominated lawyer Khalil Maatouk, a prominent human rights activist who has been detained by the regime nine years ago, for the Front Line Award for his relentless human rights work. 
Before his arrest  at a regime military checkpoint on 2 October 2012, Maatouq held the position of Executive Director of the Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research and Head of the Defense Committee for Prisoners of Opinion and Conscience in Syria.
For more than 20 years, Maatouk, 62,  had provided legal assistance to political opponents, human rights activists, journalists and peaceful protestors unfairly tried before Syrian military and civilian courts. Following the Syrian uprising in 2011, according to EuroMid Rights Network.
Front Line Defenders was established in Dublin in 2001, with the aim of protecting human rights defenders at risk, who are the people who work peacefully to achieve some or all of the rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
The Syrian regime continues to deny the detention of Khalil Maatouk. Neither his lawyers nor his family have been allowed to visit him despite his severe health situation and need of medical treatment.
The 26 nominated organizations said "Khalil Maatouq," never feared arrest, but rather expected it, and remained faithful and loyal to his mission in defending human rights in Syria.
The statement assured that honoring Maatouq represents a tribute to all human rights defenders in Syria who are being subjected today to the most horrific and harsh persecutions and persecutions, and encourages them to continue their struggle to defend human rights.
Among the organizations signing the statement are: The Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research, the Defense Committee for Prisoners of Conscience and Conscience in Syria, Caesar Files Group, the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the Lebanese Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights (LIFE), the Syrian organization For Human Rights (Sawasiya), Musawa Organization, Musawa Center for Women Studies.

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