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Syrian tribes convene, vow to undermine regional agendas

About 4000 Syrian tribal figures agreed on Wednesday to unify their ranks and efforts to confront the mounting abuses by the Iranian and Kurdish militias operating  in northeastern Syria.
The representatives of 132 tribes held the third general conference in the Oudwaniyya village in the Turkish-held region of Ras al-Ain north of Hasakah province.

Mudar Al-Asaad, spokesman for the Tribes Council, said that about 4,000 tribesmen attended the conference as well as civil society and political representatives and delegations from the coalition, the High Negotiation Committee, the interim government, and the National Army.

The focus was on the international community’s appeal for a political solution, which the regime continues to hinder, as well as providing relief aid to the thousands forced to live in deserted camps in northern Syria, Rukban, and Lebanon, and placing Al-Hol camp under international supervision. 

The spokesman said that the council called on international community to pressure the regime and its allies to open crossings and to put an end to the crimes committed against the Syrian people.

The conference took place on the tenth anniversary of the Syrian uprising, emphasizing the necessity for the High Council to actively participate in political life and to contribute in uprooting tyranny. 

The conference rejected any proposal that would lead to the division of the country, calling for unity and for eliminating separatist movements led by the Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD).

The Council also denounced the Iranian project taking root in Deir Ezzor province to systematically convert the region to Shiism and to fuel the discord between its tribes and clans.

It condemned the stealing of Syria’s natural resources by the U.S., Russia and Iran, accusing them of financing terrorism instead of assisting in the country’s development, with statements condemning the targeting of tribal leaders in the eastern Euphrates regions by PYD, and the forced displacement, forced conscription, and amendments to the educational curricula, as well as warning of the institutionalized demographic re-engineering of these areas.

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