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Canada: Syrian refugee boy underwent successful marrow transplant surgery

A Syrian refugee boy, who came into the media spotlight, had a successful bone marrow transplant surgery in Canada after losing his arm and leg in a Syrian regime bombing in 2012 hit a shelter housing women and children in the southern Daraa province.

Ammar al-Salamat lived for years in Jordan with his parents and three sisters before being allowed asylum in Canada in February 2019. 

His father said that his son was diagnosed in Jordan with Evans Syndrome, an autoimmune disease doctors diagnosed his son's condition in Jordan as Evans syndrome, an autoimmune disease in which antibodies attack red blood cells.

In an interview by the Sunday Times months after the massacre, Bashar al-Assad denied the attack on the shelter and that al-Salamat, who then was living in Jordan, is even Syrian.

As soon as they arrived in Canada, Ammar underwent several tests that revealed he did not have cancer, Evans Syndrome, leukemia, or anemia and that, according to his doctor, his case is rare and consultations with an American delegation will be held. 

Ammar’s operation was later postponed because of the pandemic and he was subject to medical observation for two months before the operation.

Before the marrow transplant, Ammar also underwent yearly restoration and amputation operations for his leg bone that grew regularly as he aged.

According to his father, doctors resorted to implanting a port-a-cath, a device placed under the skin allowing easy access to Ammar’s veins, which were blocked and impenetrable by needles. 

Ammar is currently staying for free at the hospital, with the hospital administration providing teachers and a physical therapist daily.

The father expressed his gratitude to the Canadian government and the Canadian people for the medical care and attention they had provided to Ammar and all that they had been providing to Syrian refugees for years. He also thanked other refugees who stood by him and his family and helped secure their asylum to Canada.

A bone marrow transplant, also called a stem cell transplant, is a medical procedure performed by injecting blood stem cells into the body to replace bone marrow that has been damaged or destroyed by disease.

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