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Assad arrests senior army commander over U.S. links

Gen. Nizar Al-Khader

The Syrian military intelligence arrested a senior army commander over links with the U.S. forces and Kurdish-led militias in northeastern Syria, sources told Zaman al-Wasl Sunday.
Maj. Gen Nizar Ahmed Al-Khader, commander of the 17th Division and the head of the Security and Military Committee in Deir Ezzor province has been arrested two weeks ago. 
Also,  a warrant was issued to confiscate his properties.

The charges against Al-Khader are dealing with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and the U.S. army. He was charged with oil smuggling.

The military source confirmed that the Iranian leadership in the Deir Ezzor region is the one behind the arrest of Al-Khader over piling discords in different files following his appointment as the commander of the 17th Division in December 2020. 
Al-Khader has been replaced by Maj. Gen Mouin Khadour as a commander of the 17th Division.

In June 2020,  the military intelligence, backed by Russian intelligence reports, had dismantled an espionage network in the Syrian army inked to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). 

Maj. General Ma’an Hussein, one of Assad’s top aides and the head of the army’s communication department, has been arrested as part of a wide security operations.

The arrest campaign has included senior Intelligence officers, the source said.

The main mission of the communication department, which coordinates with security and military services, is to spy on the Syrian telecommunications, and monitoring local TV channels, social media accounts.

The CIA has had a deep and long history in Syria since March 1949, when it was involved in Syria’s first military coup. 

Then-army Chief of Staff, Husni al-Za’im took power, overthrowing President Shukri al-Quwatli.

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