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Assad regime urges Syrian businessmen to come back home

Syria's industry minister said Monday that a committee had been formed in the cabinet to urge businessmen who fled the war-torn country over the past ten years to come back home, in a move that seeks to bolster the falling economy .
At a meeting to examine the reality of industry in Syria attended by the Prime Minister Hussein Ernos, Ziad Sabbagh pointed out that the re-promotion of the industrial sector, both private and public, was the solution for easing the import bill that drained foreign exchange in the country. 
In the past six years, the Syrian regime has formed several committees to open dialogue with investors abroad to persuade them coming back home along with their capital, but all have efforts have been failed due to lack of guarantees that may secure their lives and property, especially for whom stood beside the Syrian people who opposed Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

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