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Greece to use 'sound cannons' to halt migrants entry

Greek border guards have begun using remote-sensing devices to monitor the movement of migrants entering Greece by river near a steel wall in the Evros River on the Greek-Turkish border to deter them from crossing, with river and land patrols using searchlights and long-range audio devices.
 The European Union had recently handed over these devices to Greece, and they will enter full service in the coming period, or specifically in the last months of this year 2021.
The director of the Rescue and Follow-up Cell, activist Alaa Al-Iraqi, told Zaman Al-Wasl that these devices, which technical experts call (sound cannons), were deployed along the Greek-Turkish borders with the aim of monitoring the movement of migrants across the land borders, as these devices emit sounds while monitoring these movements, and from During these votes, the Greek border guards will be able to locate and arrest any individual or group of migrants.
According to the source, the monitoring distance of these smart devices may exceed 10 km to monitor movement, and most of these devices whose effectiveness has been tested will be installed on private cars belonging to the Greek border guards in order to ensure that they are not sabotaged, and they will be linked - as he says - to a unified operations center for monitoring, and this is considered The measure, according to Al-Iraqi, is part of a wide range of new physical and experimental digital barriers being installed and tested during the quiet months due to the coronavirus pandemic on the 200-kilometre (125-mile) Greek border with Turkey to prevent illegal entry into the European Union.
Greek authorities have equipped nearby watchtowers with long-range cameras, night vision and multiple sensors, and the data will be sent to control centers to report any suspicious movement using artificial intelligence analysis.
The European Union spent 3 billion euros ($3.7 billion) on security technology research in the wake of the refugee crisis that peaked in 2015-2016 when more than a million people fled Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to Greece and other EU countries.
Greece is pressing the EU to allow the EU's Border Protection Agency to patrol outside its territorial waters to prevent migrants from reaching Lesbos and other Greek islands, the most common route in Europe for illegal crossing in recent years.

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