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North Syria records 176 COVID-19 cases amid fears of new wave

The Epidemiological Warning Network has recorded 176 COVID-19 cases in northwestern Syria amid fears of a new wave in the opposition-controlled areas.
The total number of cases recorded by the main health monitoring has reached 24,433 as the death toll from COVID-19 is 685. 
The network indicated that the number of cases that were tested yesterday amounted to 1071, bringing the total number of cases tested to 142,934.

So far, at least 21,100 people have been recovered. 
The network indicated that 51 cases of HIV infection were recorded inside the camps, with a rate of 29% of the new cases, and no new deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours, while 5 of the previous deaths were classified as virus-related deaths by the Health Information System Unit.
The number of people who received the vaccine in Idlib and Aleppo provinces has reached 18,784 people, (10,332 from in the medical field, 7,988 people working in the humanitarian field, and 464 people with chronic or chronic diseases).
According to the laboratory, the campaign will continue in northwestern Syria until all people, people with chronic diseases and medical staff are vaccinated and the quantity of the vaccine runs out.
The Syria Response Coordinator Group warned of the dangers of a high number of injuries in the camps in northwestern Syria, noting that 232 injuries were detected there during the period between May 20 and June 4, bringing the total number of injuries recorded within the camps to 2,587, equivalent to 10.82%. Of the total injuries recorded in the region.
The displaced camps in northern Syria suffer from a high population density and the lack of health conditions necessary to confront the spread of the epidemic, and the inability of their residents to provide protective supplies.

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