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They started own business even though Denmark to deport Asma and Omar

The Danish authorities rejected an appeal by the Syrian couple Omar al-Natour and his wife Asma against a deportation decision after six years of starting a new life in Denmark.
The Danish authorities told the couple that they had 30 days to leave for Syria or they would be detained at a deportation camp, although the husband suffers from health problems and is wanted by the security services in Syria, Asma told Zaman al-Wasl.
The Danish Immigration Department denied to renew the residency of Asmaa and her husband last November.
 Asmaa and Omar were given a month's leave before they were deported, and the Immigration Department sent them a few days ago a paper agreeing to return to Syria, which they will not do under any circumstances because her return means their end.

Asma says they were ignorant of the types of residency in Denmark and did not know that there is political asylum residency, secondary residency, temporary residency and humanitarian protection.

The Danish authorities say there are areas in Syria safe enough to return to, but the move sparked protests from activists and community groups. 94 Syrians were denied permits in 2020, out of 273 cases studied individually. Some have been placed in immigration detention centres.
 Asmaa told Zaman al-Wasl that she and her family started a new life in Denmark and they became friends, learned the Danish language, and directed her two sons to study after we mastered the language. The family also opened a shop and they no longer depend on state aid, and they pay taxes just like the Danes, and in a flash, the Immigration Department decided to deport and separate them. about their children.
Asma said that their lawyer is now trying to appeal the decision, and if the grievance court agrees, the deportation will be stopped, and she stressed that her family has been opposed to the Assad regime since the first days of the Syrian revolution, and she and her family have tasted the horrors of this murderous criminal regime as a result of this situation, and she does not know the fate that awaits them if they come back.
Asmaa and Omar left Syria after the Syrian regime destroyed their home in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus and in the town of Tafas in southern Daraa province, and after they were arrested in its prisons and arbitrarily dismissed from work because of their participation in demonstrations against the regime.
Their departure in 2014 to Algeria by air with their young son, as their eldest son had preceded them in seeking asylum in Denmark by months, but the Danish authorities delayed his asylum interview until after he reached the age of 18, which means that he was denied family reunification.
Denmark encourages the voluntary return of Syrians and has only issued temporary residence permits (not refugee status) since 2015.
Denmark has a strict reception policy with the goal of achieving zero asylum seekers.
The Syrian conflict has claimed 494,438 lives and has displaced 13,2 million people since it erupted in March 2011 with the brutal repression of anti-regime protests.

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