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Germany: Syrian refugee obtains scholarship in scientific research

The Syrian refugee Razan Al-Aqal has obtained a scholarship in scientific research, after she graduated with distinction from her high school in the German state of Holstein.
 Al-Aqal, 19, has chosen to study virology and immunology at the Faculty of Medicine
According to an annual report issued by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Syrian students ranked sixth as the largest foreign student body in the country.
Al-Aqal left with her ten-member family let the southern province of Quneitra in 2016 to Lebanon, then Turkey, and Greece via ‘death boats’, to end up as a refugee in Lübeck city in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.
After mastering the German language in a record time of no more than three months, she completed her education at the Gymnasium School in Lübeck, and moved from the ninth grade directly to the first secondary grade with a very good grade, knowing that when she came to Germany she only knew Arabic.
El Oqal, the eldest of her eight siblings, was able to master several languages, including English, Spanish and German primarily, with the care and attention of her mother and teachers.
About 800,000  Syrian refugees have arrived in Germany since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011, 40% of them are women, according to the official statistics.
By Faris Rifai

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